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Part of Canadian MBA coursework involves writing company reports. Similarly, the student may be required to write a speech about a company of choice or making financial projections. In such assignments, students are usually required to pick one publicly traded company to be the main company and its two competitors. In this article, I will only present a discussion on how to write an informative speech for a company, which forms the first segment of a company report.


How to Write an Informative Speech for a Company

In the corporate world, the market takes the center stage in brand promotion activities. In most cases, marketing involves pitching ideas to investors, customers, and partners. Therefore, issuing the company profile to various groups becomes part of routine marketing activities. This means that every marketer ought to have the skills required to present the company profile to potential customers. If called to make an informative speech about a company or product, the speaker must give the background or the history, market segment, growth and development, notable successes, challenges, and plans.

Company Background

In this section, the speaker introduces the organization. This involves informing the audience how the company’s name was developed and any special meanings of the name. The speaker further informs the audience about the early beginnings, the founders, and the inspiration at the moment of its establishment. Other company details like its age, mission, vision, objectives, and core values are included as part of this introduction. It is also important to give a brief history of the company’s performance in the market over time.

Market Segment

Different companies target different customer segments depending on the products and services offered in the market. This section, therefore, informs the audience about the products that the company sells in the market. If the company has diversified its product line since inception, the speaker notes such changes and the factors that shaped those decisions. Other relevant market issues like competition, differentiation, stock exchange, and investor relations are included as part of this information.

Growth and Development

Where the speech involves an organization that has existed in the market for a long time, the speaker remarks about the growth and penetration, development, and peak stages that the company has undergone over time. Here, the speaker also notes the sales recorded in the initial stages of the company and any remarkable event that boosted the financial status of the organization. For example, the speaker might inform the audience of the first entry into the stock market and how it performed at that moment.

Notable Successes

While marketing the company to potential investors, the representative must convince the audience that their money will have returns on investment. Giving success stories is one of the ways through which investors know about the performance of the company in the market. In this section, the speaker tells the audience what the company did to record its first success. To further drive this point, the speaker mentions the various logistical and strategic moves that brought about this success. If the success is attributable to a certain product, the speaker covers the details of this product and the aspirations that the company had during its development.

Challenges and Future Plans

Every organization has had its fair share of hurdles that have served to strengthen its resolve. At this point, the speaker makes a mention of these challenges, their sources, and the solutions designed to prevent a recurrence. In addition to the challenges, the speaker informs the audience about the plans that the company is having for the future. If the company seeks to support or partnership from any groups or persons of interest, it is at this juncture where the speaker makes this request. If this was not the intention, the speaker notes about the existing strategic plan and the steps that the organization is taking to achieve the goals and objectives outlined therein.

In conclusion, a speaker must be up to the task when asked to write an informative speech about a company. As the word goes, this speech offers information to various groups that may be customers, investors, or development partners. The essential components of this speech are background, market, success, growth, challenges, and plans. All the parts should flow in a coherent fashion that maintains the speaker's objectives and keeps the audience attentive. Remember, you must exhaust all the points to achieve the purpose of this speech. At the same time, you must stick to the allocated timelines, so it is important to avoid the less important detail in such a speech.


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