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Corporate Finance

Corporate Finance Assignments for Canadian Students

Corporate finance is a branch of Finance that examines the activities of organizations, corporations, or companies. One of the key areas that are often examined by professors is the organizational behaviour of a company or organization. When faced with such an assignment, the first step is to understand the difference between organizational behaviour and organizational culture. Organizational behaviour refers to the behaviour of staff or employees working in an organization and the way the management approaches responsibilities in the workplace. The behaviour of an organization influences its culture. By understanding the differences between these two concepts, the next step is to check if the assignment provides an organization that the student needs to examine, or the professor gives the leeway for the student to select an organization for the assignment. The succeeding sections outline how you could approach the assignment.

Tackling Corporate Finance Company Report

Where a company or organization is provided in the assignment, it is critical to limit any research to the provided company or organization. In instances where the Corporate Finance assignment instructions do not state which company a student should examine, the challenge is selecting a company that has enough resources to identify its organizational behaviour. Most companies avail their details online as part of their annual reports. Some companies also have several analysts who have analyzed their behaviour, structure, and conducted either a SWOT or a PESTEL analysis on the company. Using a company that has available resources would ensure that the arguments the student makes in the assignment are evidence-based. It is, therefore, important that where a company is not provided in the assignment instruction, the student must select a company that has accessible content on online platforms, or through libraries. The behaviour of a company is possible to detect through the various sources that illuminate the activities of an organization.

After selecting a company, the next step is to identify its background. The background of the company means when the company was formed, who were its founders, what types of products and services was it providing, and how has this changed over the years. The reason for getting the background of a company is because it provides an idea to the reader on the issues or reasons that informed the company's behaviour, or philosophy behind the owner's management policies that could have generated the reliance on a specific approach to dealing either with consumers, or employees. When completing the assignment, the background forms part of the introduction, as it introduces the company and its activities. The introduction section of the assignment must end with a direction to the reader on what the subsequent sections of the paper are about, as this indicates the existence of a thought process on the student when responding to the assignment instructions. 

The body of the essay must highlight three key areas. The first element is people. The student must indicate how people behave or interact with each other within the company. This calls on the examination of leadership and how it is structured. The second element is the structure of the organization, and how this informs some of the decisions that are made by employees. For instance, there could be a chain of command, which dictates to a line manager how he or she needs to operate, while the staff members are also restricted on how they need to interact with the line managers. Under the structure, the student must examine whether there is a code of conduct, which requires employees to behave in a certain way. The third element is technology. The existence of technology in a company can guide the nature of communication and association. For instance, where a company relies heavily on technology, there are minimal situations where the staff members can interact or get to work together as a team. This can determine the behaviour of employees as well. The last element that the assignment must talk about is the relationship between the management and the external environment. In the external environment, this refers to the relationship with suppliers, shareholders, or consumers. Once all these elements have been discussed, a student should then provide a personal assessment of the behaviour of the company. This would be followed by a conclusion section, which summarizes everything that was discussed in the body of the paper. The criteria of having an introduction, body section, and conclusion, is a standard approach that must be taken in all corporate finance assignments unless stated otherwise by the professor. 

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